Is it worth it? We certainly think so.

To start, compared with small business start-ups, franchising is a global economic success story. With over $750 billion in sales annually in the U.S., one-third of all consumer purchases are made through a franchise, with predictions of an increase to one-half in years to come. The United States Department of Commerce reports that less than 5% of the nation's franchises fail each year. Compare that to the Small Business Administration's records that 80% of all private businesses eventually fail, most of them within the first year. Franchising is a strategy that allows for the dynamic relationship of established business know-how and the entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe owning a franchise could be your own personal success story.

TCP Global Solutions is an established brand in the wedding industry. By offering a known product with a recognized brand you have already mitigated many of the risks of failure many new enterprises experience. To help ensure the success and growth of your operation, TCP Global Solutions provides the support and assistance you need on an ongoing basis.

What you Get

  • Comprehensive training and on-going support in operating your business
  • A reliable industry with strong demand
  • Personal fulfillment and the financial rewards of successful business ownership
  • Independence and flexibility
  • Complete start-up marketing materials package

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