Does your website bring in enough leads?

Writing down new plans Imagine you got rave reviews about the great food a newly opened restaurant offers, so you decide to check it yourself. You go to the restaurant, expecting to spend a nice evening and taste some delicious courses. You get in and start looking around. There’s no host to welcome you and seat you. You stay for a few minutes, but nobody comes to say “Hi, may I help you?” You are frustrated and don’t know what to do, so you leave.

Now think of your website as a restaurant. Do you want your clients to get frustrated and leave before they’ve checked out the “menu”? Certainly not! Here are some things you can do that will instantly help you get them stay:

Once the visitor has landed on your website, give them a reason to stay. This can be achieved by letting them watch a video about your company or offering them something for free asking them to take action.

Providing your clients with easily visible ways to connect with you is essential for a satisfactory client’s experience. You can achieve this by:
• A live chat where they can get their questions answered
• More “Inquire Now” and “Request Info” buttons that stand out and lead them to fill in their email
• Having your social links visible
• Adding your address or the area that you serve at the top
• Making sure your phone number is clickable from a mobile device

Attract followers
Building an email list of current and potential clients and having people follow you in social media is vital for the success of your business. Here are a few ways to easily achieve this:
• Add a sign up box in a visible location. This can be to notify them of updates, events, specials etc…
• Make sure your “Follow us” social media buttons are visible and stand out;
• Have a newsletter system that manages all your leads and existing contacts. We highly recommend using Constant Contact because it’s super simple to use and there are great templates to choose from. You can even customize it to match your branding and website!