How often should my company redesign its website? (On the importance of website updates)

How often should you update your website

A lot of our clients have asked us about how often they should redesign their website. Although there is no straight answer to this question, we’ll try to throw some light on this topic helping you get a better understanding of the importance of website updates.

Keeping your site up to date is really important in today’s digital world. You can think of your website as the digital shop window of your business. There are thousands and thousands of websites (many of which owned by your competition) on the same digital street where your website is located. Keeping your website current, redesigning it, and posting content on a regular basis will help you stand out from the competition.

Moreover, you should understand that your website is a crucial part of your marketing strategy and, as such, it should reflect any changes you have made to your business strategy. Your brand’s face in the digital world, your website should always be up to date and in step with your current overall sales and marketing strategy.

So, how often should you redesign your website? To answer this question, you need to know the following:

Technologies change. All the time.
Marketing trends are changing. As we speak.
SEO is changing. Faster than you can say Search Engine Optimization.
Google is changing their algorithm. Every day.

What does this all tell you? Technology and marketing trends, as well as good SEO practices and the almighty Google, are constantly improving and your online business presence should follow their good practices if you want it to be up to date.

A major mistake some businesses make is thinking of their website as a one-time expense while this is actually a continuous process. Your website is the leading power behind your digital marketing strategy. Its regular (and constant) development and updating is an investment in your business’s lead generation and your overall business strategy rather than an expense.

Back to the question: How often should a company redesign their website? In the worst case, a website update once in 2-3 years is absolutely compulsory for any business that wants their website to look more or less up to date. However, we strongly advise you to update your website at least once a year if you want it to be competitive and to be up to date with the latest best practices in the online world. You should also have in mind that Google is making significant changes in their algorithm several times a year.

Not quite sure if your website needs a redesign/update? Here are 12 reasons you need a website update right now:

• Your website is not mobile responsive
• Your competitors have just launched a new design for their website
• There are no clear calls to action on it
• There are no customer testimonials on it
• It’s not SEO optimized
• You haven’t updated it in the past 24 months
• It needs more than a few seconds to load
• It doesn’t properly showcase your brand
• Its navigation is frustrating, leading to bad user experience
• It doesn’t get you the results you want
• Your key/most popular information is not easy to find
• It simply looks outdated