Martin Forgaty – Best Western

To whom it may concern,

In the spring of 2007 our hotel embarked on the project of having an independent web site built rather depend solely on our coperate one. As a part of the Best Western hotel chain we are given one free of charge, however more and more the trend has been changing the hotels having a site of there own. Primarily for reasons of content and personal taste. The web design team at TCP Web Solutions used my ideas, along with there extensive expertise to build exactly our site to the exact specifications I had envisioned for our Hotel and at a cost my buget would allow. In August of 2007 we launched our site to raving reviews. Now in January of 2009 our site has become not only a source of pride for the hotel but a way in which to see our hotel to a much broader audience than ever before, not to mention a nice revenue generator.

To this day we still continue to trust TCP Web Solutions with the Management of supporting of our Site, and would not hesitate to refer them to similar business looking for the same result.

See for yourself

Martin Forgaty
General Manager
Best Western Cartier Hotel and Conference Centre