New Year’s business resolutions

New Year's business resolutions


You print them neatly on a sheet of paper. You post them on your fridge. You keep them on your desktop. You have them at the top of your mind.


Whatever method you are using, you must have some kind of a list of personal New Year’s resolutions. Like the most common ones:


Quit smoking.

Get fit.

Eat healthy.

Drink more water.


The list can go on and on…


We know (from experience) that just drinking more water can make you more productive, hence more successful, but that’s just about it. For the business owner, though, a list of personal New Year’s resolutions is highly insufficient for their business success.


That’s why we’ve gathered together some of the most helpful New Year’s business resolutions that will help you become more and more successful in the New 2017.



Planning is an essential part of any successful business. Mind that it’s not just about the creating of a plan, but also about strictly following it, updating it regularly, making changes where necessary, etc. Assess your plan as often as you can and don’t forget to include some ME time in it. After all, there’s just one life to live and you’d better start enjoying every minute of it! Remember to plan for not only work-related but also family-related activities and you are guaranteed both a more relaxed and a more profitable 2017.



The sooner you find out you can’t do everything by yourself, the better. Delegating can literally save both your business and your life, so you’d better start doing it in 2017 (if you haven’t already). Knowing that your work-life balance depends on delegating, train yourself to trust people more and delegate some of those time-consuming tasks that prevent you from seeing the big picture. Remember that it is sometimes these little annoying tasks that occupy most of your time and distract you from your main business goals. Learn to value your time and you’ll soon look in the mirror and see a more productive and happier you!



If there’s one thing that can help your business stay above water and achieve a sustainable growth, that’s consistent learning. Nowadays it’s really a matter of preferences as to how you’ll choose to teach yourself something new. There are online courses, newsletters, articles, and even apps out there that are just waiting for you to explore them (many of them absolutely free!). No matter which channel for learning you’ll choose, make sure you are genuinely interested in the topic discussed and eager to apply what you’ve learnt to your business.



Marketing your business, especially when it’s a small business with not enough experts on your team often tends to go to the back of your to-do list, which is practically suicidal for the growth of your business. Assign the marketing of your business to a company you trust and use its services to consistently promote your business. Remember that establishing a memorable brand and attracting new customers cannot be achieved by a one-time advertising campaign. It’s a process and you’d better get involved in it now.