Stop losing money – 3 mistakes businesses make online

Usually business owners don’t pay much attention to their online presence as they have so many other important things to think about like growing their business, winning back clients, developing new products/services, etc. That’s why we gathered here 3 of the most common mistakes businesses make online – all of them leading to losing money! Read on to find out what they are and how to fix them!



You haven’t registered a country domain name for your business

Registering a Country Domain Name has a lot of advantages you should consider, the most important of which is preventing your competition from registering the .ca/.us name of your .com name for example.

Let’s say you own and are getting lots of traffic to your website. One day your competition opens up and discovers the domain name is available. In minutes they can purchase and own the domain! Suddenly they can compete with you in Google and redirect traffic to their business. You don’t want this to happen, do you? You can prevent this right now by registering the country domain name for your business.


You’re still using an unpaid email address for your business

Using a personalized email address for your business (like has a lot of advantages. It makes you appear more credible, it helps your brand get more easily recognized, and it makes you look more professional compared to those using an unpaid email account in Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

Here are the main advantages of using a company email address:
• It helps finding your business online (your website can be easily found using just your email details)
• It shows your (potential) clients you are serious about your business
• It is an important part of your overall brand identity
• It is more secure (there are spam filters and password protection)
• It is more organized (you can use an address book and store the emails in different folders)
• It is more convenient (you can keep all your email accounts in one place)


Your company website doesn’t work without www

There are a lot of websites that have not been properly configured, which leads to the rather unpleasant situation in which the website is not working unless you type the www before the domain name (e.g. is working, while is not).

This problem may not seem quite serious at first glance, but it can actually prevent a lot of people from landing on your website. Nowadays everybody assumes your website would work without the www before the domain name and there are quite a lot of Internet users who simply omit the www altogether when searching online. This may lead to less traffic to your website and unpleasant customer experience – things no business owner wants to face.