The 4 buttons that unlock the power of Google Inbox

The 4 buttons that unlock the power of Google Inbox

Email is either your best friend or your worst enemy. There’s nothing worse that can stand in the way of your productivity than a dysfunctional email. You know what I am talking about – it’s the feeling of disgust with which you enter your email username and password only to find out that it’s hardly 8:00 am and you have an inbox full of emails.

You don’t know what to start with. There are the newsletters you have subscribed to centuries ago and you are not reading, the occasional spam, and emails from family members (who always think that their funny story deserves an answer more timely than the answer one of your clients is waiting for since last Thursday). You get the picture. You are painting the picture yourself. But it’s time to change that.

Have you heard about Google Inbox? It’s the super cool email service the smart guys from Google invented to make us happier by making email more easily managed and our lives more productive. Here are the 4 buttons that unlock the power of Google Inbox, so you can start enjoying life again. Finally.

1. Pin button
By pinning an email, you basically make it more visible (or more important). This way it’s super easy to browse through the really significant emails and save yourself the few minutes of looking at your 50+ emails with a blank look only to find out that you need more coffee and forget about what you were looking for altogether.

2. Snooze button
Snoozing an email is one of the greatest email features of all times. You know how you sometimes look at an email and just don’t know what to do with it as you have more important things to do right now but you are afraid you’ll forget about it if you move it to another folder or mark it “read”? Well, snooze is here to get you out of your misery! With its help, it’s easy to “snooze” the email you don’t have time for now and make it magically appear at a later moment (when you will hopefully find time to deal with it).

3. Done button
OK, this is the best button ever created. After starting to hit the “Done” button in Google Inbox, you’ll just feel plain sorry for all those folks who still use the old and ugly “Read” button. What does “Read” even mean? Can I delete the email? What is it still doing in my inbox? It’s marked “Read” but I still keep on opening it on a daily basis just to see there’s nothing I can do about it or don’t want to deal with it altogether? With the “Done” button all these questions are irrelevant. You just hit “Done” and you’re done with it. Done. Just like that.

4. Undo button
Have you ever felt unbearably miserable right after you hit the sent button because you just saw a spelling mistake in your freshly sent email? Is it just me? Never mind. Or you realize you had to answer one more question in your reply before hitting the “Send” button. Google Inbox has you covered! With the “Undo” button you have about 15 seconds in which you can change your mind and catch that “almost sent” email to make whatever change you want to make in it or just not send it at all.

Add to these super awesome features the sleek design, the integrations with Gmail, Google Apps, Google Drive, etc, and the real perspective of ending your work day with INBOX ZERO and you’ve found your empty email holy grail!