Why use WordPress for your website?

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What’s your business? Are you a local carpenter? Do you have a small Barber shop? Do you sell T shirts? The Internet doesn’t really care what your business is! No matter how you make your money, you have to have a website. A decent one, at that!

Imagine the business world today is a fabulous party. Your only chance to be noticed is to have a nice website that’s easy to use (even if you’re not a computer geek).


Why is that important?


Well, just like a pair of exquisite high heels that are so uncomfortable you can barely walk them to the nearest seat will make you look like a complete idiot, a website that needs a MA degree in computer science just to find your way around will give you headaches on a daily basis instead of help your business grow and flourish.


What will get all eyes on you at the “business world” party is a website that’s professionally looking without you spending too much time (or efforts) on a complicated CMS.


Does just the thought of managing your website make you wrinkle? Here are some reasons why WordPress will be your best friend when it comes to creating and updating your company website:


Google loves it (it is SEO friendly)! If you know anything about the Internet, you have probably heard that that’s REALLY important.
• It’s easy to use – millions of people are already using it, which means that you don’t have to be a web designer or a programmer to cope with it.
• It is safe and secure.
• With WordPress you are not limited to text only – you can include different media in your website like images, audio, and video content.
• We can help you make it mobile responsive – with the exploding usage of mobile devices (phones and tablets), this is priceless.


So, where do you want to be at that party? Missing all the fun in the corner where nobody sees you or dancing the night away, making your competition turn green with envy? It is up to you!